Nancy & the Meerkats – helping kids understand Intellectual Property

Nancy's Musical BoxNancy and the Meerkats Musical Box has launched! Working with the Intellectual Property Office and Fun Kids Radio, we have developed a brand new resource and competition for schools. Nancy’s Musical Box will help children understand copyright, trade marks and the importance of respecting intellectual property.

Nancy and the Meerkats is an audio and animated video series aimed at under 12s telling the story of pop pup Nancy and her backing band, the Meerkats, trying to make it big in the music industry. As she battles her nemesis Kitty Perry, Nancy has to overcome a surprisingly diverse range of intellectual property issues. 

In the Musical Box resource, Nancy and the Meerkats, with the help of Big Joe, present five short videos to engage pupils with the concept of intellectual property. They guide pupils through the process of setting up a band, recording and releasing a song, which is promoted and performed live on tour.

In the Musical Box resource, teachers will find a range of themed activities, together with five engaging lesson plans. The activities work best as a series of 30 to 40-minute lessons, taught weekly for half a term, but could equally be combined as a one-off extended activity suitable for PPA cover, or as part of art, or a themed week of cross-curricular activities. Curriculum links are provided for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Download the Nancy’s Musical Box lesson plans and watch the videos here. 

The competition to create your own tour poster can be entered independently or as the culmination of using the Music Box resource. The winning tour poster  will win a bespoke music experience for your school, courtesy of UK Music. All entries will need to be uploaded here

Competition closes midday on Thursday 29th March 2018.



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