Awesome stuff for schools

There are a lot of awesome education programmes out there offering free resources and materials to schools. Some that I’ve worked on and others that I would love to work on, but hey you can’t have everything! These are some of my favourites…(I’ll keep adding to this so do come back and check this out again!)

Dogs Trust 

Be Dog Smart is a brilliant programme to help children learn how to keep themselves safe around dogs and also how to be responsible dog owners! They have education offices all over the country that visit schools (for free!) and deliver curriculum-linked workshops in primary and secondary schools.

Greyhounds in Need 

The Greyhounds in Need education programme helps children understand the plight of the Spanish galgo and recognise them as sentient animals that make wonderful pets. The programme is focused on delivering support for shelters working with schools in Spain, but the materials can be used to support learning English or Spanish languages in any school anywhere in the world.


Wastebuster is an environmental education programme that brings education to life with film, media-rich resources and campaigns designed to inform, inspire and empower children to care for the environment. Loads of free resources available on the website, and tailored programmes available to local authorities.

Simple Politics 

I totally support getting kids involved in politics and love what these guys do for kids and adults alike! Set up by a teacher they offer Assemblies, workshops, quizzes, focus days, whole school activities, after-school clubs, debate teams, school council training.


Values Money and Me is a free online resource to help children explore the world of money with teachers, parents and carers. Through short stories and engaging classroom activities, pupils get to grips with money in real-life scenarios.

Cracking Ideas 

Love this suite of resources for all ages from the Intellectual Property Office. They actually make copyright and Intellectual Property relevant, engaging and fun for kids to learn about (and adults too!). Check out Nancy and the Meerkats ( I worked on this one) and their latest KS3 resource ‘The Game is On’ (huuuge Sherlock fan here!).

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