I love Pangolins

The Rare & Endangered Species Trust (REST) works to save Namibia’s most endangered species – including the pangolin. If you followed the story of Honey Bun (who sadly died this year), then like me you will want to help these amazing creatures.

REST want your children (under 12s) to create a book for children, by children! Called “I LOVE PANGOLINS”. They are looking for young artists and story writers from around the world to create either a pangolin drawing or a story. Entries cost £10, but you will be raising funds for ‘The Honey Bun Fundraiser and Blood Bank’.

For more information and to enter, you must message them via their Facebook page:

Shame i’m not under 12 – but I shall be encouraging the child (he’s 10 so he qualifies) to write a story and draw too, so we can do our bit to raise funds for vital lifesaving medical technology.

Want to know more about Pangolins?

Pangolins are one of the most trafficked mammals in Asia and, increasingly, Africa. In China and Vietnam their meat is considered a delicacy, and pangolin scales are used in traditional medicine and folk remedies.

All eight pangolin species are protected under national and international laws, but there is a growing international illegal trade in pangolins.





Free learning activities

Are you looking for learning activities you can use with your kids at home?  There is absolutely tonnes of free stuff online. Lots of charities and organisations create free learning resources for schools, that are curriculum-relevant but also put a different spin on learning. Best of all they are usually created ( I know because I work on some of them) to pick up and run with. You don’t need to be a teacher, or understand the curriculum to use them, and you can be assured that your kids are learning something worthwhile and relevant.

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Recycle it Right with West Sussex Wastebusters

Just launched for families and schools in West Sussex – Busta and crew are asking everyone to take the pledge to ‘recycle it right’.

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A new story based activity for Greyhounds in Need about two galgo puppies in Spain. One puppy is adopted by a hunter and the other by a family as a pet. How do you think their lives will be different?


VE Day activities for home schooling

VE Day is Friday 8th May – so we (me and the 10 year old) shall be learning all about it at home this week. I thought I’d post the resources I find here – my guess is a lot of parents will be on the same sort of hunt!

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It’s all about dogs!

I’m really excited and honoured to be working with Paws2Rescue to help develop educational materials for use with children in Romania.

The charity supports private shelters in Romania to help relieve the plight of the thousands of dogs without homes. They provide food, bedding and raise funds for veterinary care and run education and neutering programmes, as well as helping some of these dogs find their forever families.



Making an impact! Galgo education

There is something very satisfying when you see your work in action! This week Greyhounds in Need received some fantastic pictures of children in Spain creating galgo puppets and masks from the resources we developed for their education website. Continue reading “Making an impact! Galgo education”

Help promote us! | Greyhounds In Need

I’m working with Greyhounds in Need to raise awareness of the education programme and drive visitors to the education website. The latest creation is these ‘website buttons’, which we hope shelters in Spain and their supporters will use on their websites to link to the education.greyhoundsinneed.co.uk

Source: Help promote us! | Greyhounds In Need

3,600 sentences…

It’s great when I can combine my copywriting and education expertise. A recent project for SumDog had me creating sentences for use in their spelling games. Have you ever tried writing simple sentences for an age range of 6-10 years, with a UK and USA audience? I was pretty good it turns out…

“Sam has been brilliant to work with. She understood our specific brief and delivered exactly what we were looking for. We relied on her to deliver quality copy for our project and were impressed by her writing skill, which allowed us to streamline our processes. She responded well to direction, adapting quickly to new criteria. She efficiently did the same work where in the past we’d used 8 people, and saved us time”.

Faith Limbrick SumDog

Website content – Technica Solutions

Technica Solutions website I like a challenge, and the brief for IT company Technica Solutions to write the copy for their new website was certainly that. Working closely with the client and designer to get a real feel for the tone of their business, I went through a structured process to pin down the language and style the client was aiming for to portray their business. The result is a concise, well-targeted website that will engage their prospective customers. technicasolutions.co.uk  If you’re looking for an IT company – these guys are definitely worth a look!

Website design by the talented designstoreltd.com




The Plastic Planet Challenge

bustaI am delighted to be working with Wastebuster a not-for-profit, environmental education company assisting with their communications and campaigns in schools.

Today on UN World Environment DayWastebuster and Recycle Now are launching an exciting new 30-day challenge in schools, inviting young people to use pester power to engage their families in plastic waste reduction, reuse and recycling and help #beatplasticpollution. 

ALL schools can find out more and register to get involved at wastebuster.global 




Get knitting for the galgos

villamartin2 (002)Greyhounds in Need are always looking for ways to engage young people with the galgos (Spanish greyhounds) that often live unhappy lives and are disposed of at the end of the hunting season in Spain, often cruelly and inhumanely. Taking inspiration from a knitting pattern for a galgo coat already on their website, we created a knitting resource for schools, groups and individuals to get knitting for the galgos (available in English and Spanish!).

Knitting has many social, emotional and developmental benefits for young people. It has been shown to improve behaviour, especially in attention and listening, encourages focus and promotes communication skills.Continue reading “Get knitting for the galgos”

Autism friendly dog safety for kids

Autism flyer be dog smart

Another project launched. I assisted in the development of a new information leaflet designed for families with children and young people on the autism spectrum to help them be dog smart and stay safe. Continue reading “Autism friendly dog safety for kids”

Content marketing – latest articles for BuyAssociation

BuyAssociationMy knowledge of the UK mortgage market is expanding with every article I write for BuyAssociation – an investment consultancy that introduces property-based products to an international community of investors.

First-time buyers choosing 30-year mortgages to reduce monthly costs


Lenders offer attractive deals to combat decline in new mortgage approvals


More focus on mortgage financing options for the older generation


Find out more about the online mortgage revolution 


What’s in store for the mortgage market 2018


Mortgage product availability


Future is looking brighter for buy-to-let


Do you need regular engaging content for your website? Get in touch and let’s see how I can help you. 

Nancy & the Meerkats – helping kids understand Intellectual Property

Nancy's Musical BoxNancy and the Meerkats Musical Box has launched! Working with the Intellectual Property Office and Fun Kids Radio, we have developed a brand new resource and competition for schools. Nancy’s Musical Box will help children understand copyright, trade marks and the importance of respecting intellectual property.

Nancy and the Meerkats is an audio and animated video series aimed at under 12s telling the story of pop pup Nancy and her backing band, the Meerkats, trying to make it big in the music industry. As she battles her nemesis Kitty Perry, Nancy has to overcome a surprisingly diverse range of intellectual property issues. Continue reading “Nancy & the Meerkats – helping kids understand Intellectual Property”

Content marketing – Buy Association

BuyAssocI’m delighted to be working with Buy Association to populate their blog on a regular basis. My area of specialism is all things relating to the UK mortgage industry for their key audiences.  You can read my first blog articles here:



Need some help with your content?

RDI worked with Digital Storm to help their legal client develop the content for their new website. They knew what they wanted to say, they just didn’t have time to pull the content together. That’s where I came in. I met the client, talked through each page of the website with them and then crafted it into content that was clear and concise. Then I  briefed the developer on what copy needed to go where on the site and we were done! Sometimes you just don’t have the time and need someone to make it happen for you.



Careers Information – animal welfare charities

Vet nurseThe Dogs Trust Education team get inundated with information requests about all aspects of the charity’s work. Requesting information on how to work for Dogs Trust is a common enquiry and whilst the UK’s careers information service is currently lacking, any kind of careers support for young people is a welcome resource. Continue reading “Careers Information – animal welfare charities”

Blog article – Property prices

FellsMy latest blog article, created for Fells New Forest Property, is live on their site. This was written specifically for use in their social media activity to help drive web traffic.  I have also created the content for a newsletter aimed at local residents looking at the local property market in the context of the South West of England. You can read the latest blog here fellsnewforest.co.uk/whats-happening-to-ringwood-property-prices/


Teachers – your voice matters

I recently conducted some informal research for a local primary school about how a teacher’s voice can influence what a child thinks or feels about them. As a parent I have often heard my 7 year old say that he doesn’t like that teacher because they ‘all they do is shout’, or that teacher ‘just sounds cross all the time’, so it was with interest that I undertook the project. Continue reading “Teachers – your voice matters”