Smart Freelancing

10917511 - 3d little human characters x14 networking. chrome.
Copyright: johan2011 / 123RF Stock Photo

As a freelancer sometimes you just need to run an idea past someone different, or get a fresh pair of eyes to read through something, or get another perspective on a design or a brief.

When you freelance (and especially if you work at home alone) that can be tricky;  you can’t just speak to the person sitting at the desk next to you.

Building up a network of other freelancers in the same situation is a massive benefit! I like to think of it as  ‘Smart-Freelancing’ giving me  access to people with a range of expertise that I can skype/call/email if I need support or help with a project.

‘Smart-Freelancing’ can work in two ways, either as an exchange of services or as a specially discounted service – whatever works best for those involved.

If you would be interested in joining my ‘Smart-Freelancing’ network then drop me a line.

It might be the best thing you do today.


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