Cracking Ideas

It’s always a pleasure to work on inspiring projects like this. The Intellectual Property Office has launched the next Cracking Ideas competition in partnership with Aardman Animations! Children are encouraged to think about the impact of transportation on the climate, as they are challenged with designing a sustainable form of transport for Wallace and Gromit.

Teaching resources support key stage 1 and 2 pupils as they explore how we get from place to place, undertake some creative product design, explore some important stages in the design process, and come up with a sustainable and fun way to help Wallace and Gromit get from place to place during their tour of the UK.

As they learn and invent, children are introduced to Intellectual Property (IP) and the importance of protecting original ideas. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with IP! IP is explained in simple, age-appropriate ways in the resources, and there’s more information for adults too.

You can find out more here

Download the KS1 resources here

Download the KS2 resources here

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