We gave greyhounds a makeover

I’ve worked with Greyhounds in Need CIO (GIN) for many years on their education programme in Spain, delivered via their dedicated education website. Well this past year, I branched out a bit and took over the redevelopment of their main charity website www.greyhoundsinneed.co.uk

Working with Gain Momentum Marketing for design, and Mark Hanchard-Goodwin for the WordPress web build we took the existing GIN website content (over 800 individual pages), reviewed, refined, edited, planned, redesigned and rebuilt it from scratch!

And it’s still a work in progress, as we ensure all their archive content is transferred to their new information library, and their new online shop is working well for them. The new site is not only bang up to date (mobile friendly etc), it’s easier to navigate and has clear calls to action.

The biggest improvement will be SEO. The old site had slipped off the radar of the search engines, but now we are back and hoping to see a big improvement in the next 6-12 months, which in turn should hopefully have a positive impact on donations to the charity.

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