Super teamwork!

I’ve been working with Super Developments for about 9 months now! They are an awesome team that specialises in CRM for property businesses. Boring you say? It most definitely isn’t!

If you know nothing about CRM then basically its client relationship management – what the super team at Super Developments (SD) have done is taken their CRM and techy expertise and created a brilliant opportunity to help others use CRM to really benefit their business.

So where do I come in? Well Steven at SD has a way with words! Just go check out some of their videos on their Facebook and website. What they struggle with is putting them down on paper – that’s my job. Steven records me a video (on Loom), I watch, absorb and then write it all down in a way that works on screen/paper.

It’s a really great way to work together; it’s much easier for me to get their tone of voice because I am listening to it. Plus, we have a shared love of 80s pop culture so we try and work that into the content too – CRM doesn’t have to be dull, if ‘you wanna be startin’ something’ you just have to ‘get down on it’!

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