Get knitting for the galgos

villamartin2 (002)Greyhounds in Need are always looking for ways to engage young people with the galgos (Spanish greyhounds) that often live unhappy lives and are disposed of at the end of the hunting season in Spain, often cruelly and inhumanely. Taking inspiration from a knitting pattern for a galgo coat already on their website, we created a knitting resource for schools, groups and individuals to get knitting for the galgos (available in English and Spanish!).

Knitting has many social, emotional and developmental benefits for young people. It has been shown to improve behaviour, especially in attention and listening, encourages focus and promotes communication skills.


20180328_192242_resizedLearning to knit can also help develop key skills, including:

• Fine and gross motor skills
• Reading
• Maths
• Comprehension
• Critical thinking and problem-solving
• Creativity
• Resilience
• Focus and attentiveness
• Spatial recognition
• Confidence building
• Self-esteem.

In addition, learning craft skills – knitting in particular – has been proven to reduce stress and increase well-being.

You can help the galgos and have fun learning to knit at the same time! Whether you are a school, community group or an individual, this resource has been created to help you learn to knit and help the galgos too!

ENGLISH version – Download the resource for free.

SPANISH version – Download the resource for free.

This article from TES is worth a read too! 

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