Careers Information – animal welfare charities

Vet nurseThe Dogs Trust Education team get inundated with information requests about all aspects of the charity’s work. Requesting information on how to work for Dogs Trust is a common enquiry and whilst the UK’s careers information service is currently lacking, any kind of careers support for young people is a welcome resource. 

We created a simple fact sheet based careers information booklet. Clear, concise information makes it accessible to everyone and is a good starting point for anyone exploring career options with Dogs Trust or similar animal charities. The booklet looks at all sorts of roles from Rehoming Centre manager, to Veterinary Nurse, to Fundraising Assistant, and explains the role, the duties, skills, qualifications and experience needed for each. We also explore the role of volunteers, and how volunteering can help you get invaluable experience.

The Careers Information booklet is available to download here.



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