Cracking Ideas!

Cracking IdeasThe Intellectual Property Office are celebrating the 40th birthday of the world-famous Aardman studios with their Cracking Ideas Competition 2016. I was delighted to work on the development of the curriculum-linked classroom resources for ages 4-11, designed to generate competition entries and support wider learning.

Intellectual Property is a difficult topic for young children to understand, but it is an important one. We created the ‘My ideas have value’ assembly for use by schools to launch the competition. The assembly helps develop their understanding that creativity has a value called intellectual property, which can be protected to help ensure that the unique ideas, creations or work of an individual or group cannot be copied or reused without crediting or benefiting the creator. 

In addition to the assembly we created classroom resources for use with 4-7, 8-11 and 12 -16 year olds:

4-7:  Help Shaun design a birthday present for Timmy! Art and Design, Design & Technology, English, Science, PHSE and regional equivalents.

8-11:Wallace and Gromit’s Birthday Surprise! Create a cracking storyboard. D&T, Science, Art & Design, Literacy, English, PSHE and regional equivalents.

12-16: Happy Birthday Aardman! Make a cracking short film to celebrate. Art & Design, English, Careers, PHSE, Computing, Film/Media studies and regional equivalents.

You can download the resources here and find out how to enter the competition before it closes on 22 July 2016.

One winning entry in each category will win: * A visit from an Aardman expert for model making workshop session and a screening in their school * PLUS a multi-user licence for the Animate It! software by Kudlian for their school.


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