Greyhounds in Need

GIN Spanish Schools Resource (also available in English)

Greyhounds in Need (GIN) is an animal welfare charity, aiming to raise awareness amongst pupils in Spanish schools about the galgo – Spanish bred greyhounds used for hunting.

I worked with GIN to develop a resource to support Spanish primary school teachers, who teach English as a foreign language to children aged 9 to 12 years old across Years 4 to 6. The activities we developed support the teaching and learning of English vocabulary and phrases relating to the expression of feelings and emotions, using images, data and a story based on how GIN help many galgos which suffer from cruelty and abandonment.

By inviting children to develop their understanding and use of expressive English through a greater understanding of the galgo, GIN hope that children will develop empathy for dogs and help make a difference to the many galgos in need of loving homes.

The resources were first produced as a printed pack and delivered to GIN’s Spanish education contact to take into schools. We then provided the resource on a CD-ROM and this year GIN will hopefully be extending the resource with new materials and a dedicated education website.

You can access all the current resources here, as we wanted to make them freely available to anyone that could use them. After all the more people that know about the plight of the Spanish galgos the greater the chance for change.

You can find out more about the work of Greyhounds in Need here



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