Transferable Skills

Transferable Skills
Copyright: iqoncept / 123RF Stock Photo

I was delighted recently to work with Lewisham and Southwark college in the development of a brilliant idea to engage secondary school pupils. Rather than going in and presenting their usual ‘this is why you should come to our college’  talk to potential students – they thought outside of the box.

Transferable skills are something that all young people should be aware of, develop and use to help them secure employment after education. College can help them do this, but it is not often highlighted as a selling point to encourage secondary pupils to consider college.

We developed an Assembly and two workshops that helped develop students understanding of transferable skills – what they are and how important they can be. We devised a number of fun activities that got students ‘doing’ whilst learning and recognising the importance and relevance of communication, working with others, improving their own learning and performance and problem solving.

Simple yet effective activities that really work AND a novel approach for a college to recruit new students!

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