Marketing to schools

Army STEM promo
Promoting STEM workshops. Created for The British Army during my time at Education Connections.

Creating great resources and products for schools is one thing, making teachers and educators aware of it is a completely different ball game. Over the years the methods have changed with postal mailings making way for email campaigns and social media, but one thing definitely hasn’t – getting the messaging right.

I have conducted several research projects with teachers over the past year, within which I always ask about the best way to engage with them. Every time the answer is the same, they need to see the relevance and a clear benefit for their pupils first and foremost.

You have a matter of seconds to engage the teacher on the receiving end with your message, before your email is deleted or promotional flyer is on the way to the bin. Therefore not only is the copy you use important, but so is the design. Making sure your message is clear and compelling at first glance is essential if you have any chance of getting a teacher to pay attention.

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